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About Us

Heavens Bakehaus is a homegrown bakery optimistic to deliver the perfect quality of home-baked goods. Expressive of our passion to fill your sensory cravings of scrumptious delicacies, it will give warmth to your social gatherings and homecoming. The sight and aroma of our baked goodies sends that tingling sensation to your stomach making you want to grab a bite. And with just a taste, makes you want to bring some to your loved ones at home. Feel the love spread when they smile and say Thank you!

A Brief History:

Heavens Bakehaus was first built because of the founder’s passion to bake. With his family and friend’s eagerness to have their daily dose of his products his passion also became his business. Specializing Piaya (Piaya de Iligan), this homegrown bakery started with self-made boxes and a made to order process. He then introduced his product to the public and earned their deepest appreciation thus, patrons. With his passion for baking and will to serve his loyal patrons, Marc Claro trained and honed his baking skills. This resulted to the churn out of his baked goodies into a pasalubong center Hometown Pasalubong.

Spread The Love: 

Heavens Bakehaus does not only fill your stomach with its delicious treats but rather fill your heart with greatness knowing that you as consumers are able to lend a helping hand in the employment of the out of school youths and single mothers as you continue to be our loyal patrons. Giving them the chance to improve their circumstances, they are trained and employed by Heavens Bakehaus as a stepping stone for their brighter future.

With a vision of creating a variety of products while helping the marginalized sector in the community, we nourish not only your body but your soul as well.

Go on, Give in to your cravings and have a bite. Indulge these mouth-watering delicacies and it will surely make your day.